Lokesh is maintaining a distance to becoming a Minister..!?

Mangalagiri is also one of the list of assembly segments that have become interesting in the andhra pradesh elections this time. Because Nara lokesh, the successor of tdp President Nara Chandrababu, is contesting from there, it has become special. The thing is, the election results are still 11 days away. In the meantime, does anyone have any guesses? While the Vice-RCP is making statements that they will come to power this time too, the tdp alliance is quietly saying that this time the power is ours. If the alliance comes to power in this order, who will be given the key ministries? Discussions are going on hotly on that topic.

Yes, some enthusiasts are currently posting related content on social media. But many here are strangely focusing on the home department. Because it is the most powerful department after the Chief Minister. Everyone wants to give this important department to Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan...Moreover, comments are being made saying that Pawan is also deserving of it. Similarly, they are writing about the rest of the branches as well. But the absence of Babu's successor, lokesh Babu, now whispers are being heard that the tdp workers are not satisfied.

If not, the fact that the tdp has not yet responded to what is happening is confusing to many people. In this order, some whispers are heard. That is, talk is heard that lokesh will be restricted to only looking after the party in the coming days. However, some tdp fans are confident that the home department is definitely lokesh Babu's. However, it is noteworthy that neither Babu nor lokesh responded to this. They seem to be enjoying the tour now. On the whole, the campaign that lokesh will stay away from the post of minister is going strong.

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