Andhra Pradesh's election campaign concluded, and polling took place on May 13. The destiny of political parties vying for power has been determined by electronic voting machines (EVMs). As a result, no political party can gain political mileage at this time because the people have already provided their mandate.
However, throughout electioneering and on election day, the major political parties, the ysr congress party and the telugu Desam party, did all possible to hijack the polls and obtain a last-minute advantage.

Being the ruling party, the YSRCP may have had an edge due to police backing. That is why party mla from macherla Pinnelli ramakrishna REDDY' target='_blank' title='ramakrishna reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ramakrishna reddy was able to get away with tampering with the EVM at one of the voting stations, apparently out of rage over tdp leaders' manipulation.
Though he managed to flee macherla, purportedly with the assistance of police, the ec took serious note of the video showing the mla damaging the EVM and initiated harsh action against him, the polling personnel, and even police officers.

As many as ten charges were filed against Pinnelli, and the ec demanded his immediate arrest. If found guilty in court, he faces a seven-year jail sentence. Of course, the police were unable to apprehend him until now since he gave them a slip in Hyderabad.
The tdp succeeded in exposing Pinnelli. Aside from publishing comments and holding news conferences criticizing Pinnelli's actions at the polling booth, tdp officials sent memorandums to the SIT, the ec, and even the DGP, requesting the MLA's arrest.

Thus far, so good. Even though the police had issued prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the Cr PC, they are still attempting to cause a stir by making a chalo macherla call on Thursday.

Clearly, this is intended to irritate YSRCP leaders and cadres in Palnadu, resulting in a law-and-order situation, as the tdp would get no political benefit from the completion of the polls.
The police understandably put tdp leaders like Julakanti Brahma Reddy, devineni Uma, Nakka anand Babu, Kanaparthi Srinivasa Rao, and others under house arrest. They placed some tdp leaders and cadres in preventive custody so that they would not travel to Macherla.
It would be preferable if tdp leaders exercised restraint and let the ec and police machinery perform their jobs.


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