Even though practically all newspapers and broadcasters covered Chandrababu Naidu's trip to the united states for a medical check-up last week, a photograph of him walking around Singapore's streets appeared on social media in the last two days.
A netizen shared an image on X that showed Naidu in singapore rather than the United States. According to reports, the photograph depicts Naidu strolling down Singapore's Orchard Road.
"What are you doing in singapore when you say you're going to America?" asked an X user who posted the photograph.

According to a wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital news company recognized for fact-checking, the X user's allegation is untrue, as the viral photograph of Naidu on Orchard Road has been modified.
A reverse image search of the viral photograph turned up a report published by CNA on september 27, 2023. The photograph shown in the story was identical to the viral image, with the exception that Naidu was not there.
The image's description said, "File shot of pedestrians crossing the road along Singapore's Orchard Road retail area. (Photo by AFP/Roslan Rahman)."
According to the study, "This shows that the photo has been on the internet at least since september 2023."

When the two photographs are compared side by side, they reveal that they are similar; the woman in a white dress wearing a mask in the center of the frame and the male in a black t-shirt on the left side is in the same stance.
Despite this, there was persistent speculation about Naidu's coming to the United States. tdp members allege he flew to the united states for a medical check-up with his wife nara bhuvaneshwari on May 19 and returned within a week.

So yet, no photographs of Naidu and his wife have surfaced from the united states, and party members are unaware of their present whereabouts.
Interestingly, komati Jayaram, the TDP's nri wing in-charge, released a statement claiming that Naidu had not visited the united states at all and that the news of his receiving a medical check-up there was untrue. So yet, no tdp leader has refuted Jayaram's assertion.

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