With only 11 days to the andhra pradesh assembly elections, candidates from various political parties are becoming increasingly concerned about their destiny. Because there is no other important news for the media to focus on until the votes are counted, they are publishing pieces about how the counting will take place and when the first trends will appear.
Every newspaper, television channel and internet media outlet is conducting its calculations to determine whether the outcome would favor the incumbent ysr congress party or the telugu Desam Party-led National Democratic Alliance.

According to a media outlet that analyzed poll trends based on vote percentages, the YSRCP has a tiny lead over the nda when voting patterns are taken into account.
The final polling data show that 33,340,333 people in andhra pradesh exercised their franchise, including 16.4 million male voters and 16.9 million female voters. Thus, female voters outnumbered male votes by five lakh.

"This is a gain for the YSRCP since the majority of female voters supported the ruling party owing to the tight execution of social policies that aided women financially. "They not only voted for Jagan, but they also persuaded their husbands and other family members to vote for the YSRCP," stated a media expert.
Second, the rural vote percentage is 2% higher than the urban voting percentage, which also favored the YSRCP, according to the media outlet.
Another media outlet, however, stated that government employees, educated jobless young, middle- and upper-middle-class voters and urban voters supported the tdp and its coalition partners.

"Even in rural areas, there is no information that 100% of women voters and poorer sections have voted for the YSRCP and rejected the tdp," the news organization stated.
"The fact that the polling percentage increased by 2% compared to 2019 is also an indication that they voted for the TDP-Jana Sena-BJP combine," it stated.
The tdp also expects 444,000 postal ballots, most of which to come from employees and emergency personnel. However, the YSRCP claims that elderly and physically challenged voters who utilized the home voting option voted for its candidates.

In any event, the first wave of results will be available within 15-20 minutes of the start of vote counting, and by 10:30 a.m., the patterns indicating which party is likely to form the next government will be apparent.


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