People who are considered brilliant occasionally demonstrate their genuine talents, proving that they are essentially jokers. At a period when exploitation of the internet spectrum and social media to run political campaigns was uncommon, the name prashant kishor arose as he collaborated closely with several politicians, and fortunately, those parties won.
As a result, prashant Kishore, often known as PK, has become a political star.
However, legislators soon realised that he is of little value and should be preserved as a white elephant.

He was rejected by practically everyone, so he formed his political party in Bihar, which could not stand on its own. A man who is unable to make his party stand has worked for other parties' marathons, which is ironic.

He recently gave an interview to karan Thapar during which he was spotted cursing and arguing.

He was outright lying, stating that he never said what Thapar had said and that everything in the media was false.

However, he has forgotten that he posted about it a long time ago under his name. Despite this, he is observed bluffing in a loud tone.

His words, body language, demeanor, and manner of articulation have portrayed him as a jokester more than anything else.

That is the fate of this 'Political Star' who was shown to be a 'Political Joker'.


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