Chandrababu Naidu claims to be one of the country's most senior lawmakers. He has publicly asserted that he has more political experience than narendra Modi. Currently, the bjp is allied with the TDP. However, chandrababu naidu was not asked to campaign for narendra modi in other states.
In reality, the neighboring state of odisha holds elections on May 25th, and the telugu population is large, particularly in towns like Berhampur. If Modi had invited Chandrababu to campaign in those districts, he could have done it in his way. But, strangely, Modi did not invite him to campaign anywhere.
Even nara lokesh endorsed annamalai of the bjp in the first round of the election, although it is unclear how his participation benefited annamalai given Lokesh's limited knowledge of Tamil. pawan kalyan attended narendra Modi's nomination recently and had previously visited a few neighboring states. But chandrababu naidu was not invited, which is unusual. Isn't his seniority important to Modi?

State Housing minister Jogi Ramesh has requested telugu Desam leaders to explain the whereabouts of party chairman Nara chandrababu naidu, who is now on a post-poll abroad tour. "Why is TD hiding Naidu's tour details?" he queried, adding that there were many questions surrounding Naidu's "sudden disappearance." "He travelled abroad without alerting the pro-TD media where he was going. The main issue now is, "Where did he flee?"

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