Frustration and delays rise as ghmc contractors protest unpaid fees and cease any civil works allocated to them. The suspension in civil works has pushed back road repairs in Hyderabad, which were scheduled to be finished before the monsoon season began. Contractors, who have been on strike since May 18, claim that the local authority owes them Rs. 1,350 crore for work performed last year.

They claimed that at least four contractors died as a result of heart attacks caused by financial stress and requested that the firm pay them as soon as possible. "We will call off our protest after meeting with the ghmc commissioner.
We've been trying to meet him for days, but he said he'd meet after the elections, which hasn't occurred yet," says Hanmanth Sagar, a member of the ghmc Contractors Association (GCA), adding that if he doesn't meet with them by Monday, they'll go on hunger strike.
Referring to the woman who objected over potholes in Nagole, Sagar stated that such occurrences are likely to occur again if work is not done on time.

In addition to road repair work in LB Nagar, Dilsukhnagar, and other locations, various other projects such as desilting, crematoriums, nalas, parks, and others are still impacted.
With only a few weeks remaining in the monsoon season, many of the city's unfinished projects are now in limbo, protected only by a few barriers.

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