Since rrr became a tremendous blockbuster, fans of both ntr and ram charan have been debating who is the larger pan-India celebrity. NTR's Devara just launched its first song, Fear Song, which has gone viral in hindi, garnering over 16 million views in three days. This is a remarkable accomplishment. 

In comparison, Jaragandi from ram Charan's Game Changer, which was released two months ago, is battling to attain 2 million views in Hindi. ntr enthusiasts believe that the success of the Devara song in hindi demonstrates that ntr is a far greater star than ram charan in hindi belts. However, using YouTube views as a metric of celebrity may not be reliable. Jaragandi, which involves a dance sequence choreographed by Prabhudeva and prominent bollywood actress kiara advani, has received little views.

Anirudh's fame may have contributed to the success of Fear Song. Following songs like as Jailer, Jawan, and Leo, Anirudh has become a household name among hindi listeners, which is likely to have helped the song's popularity. Thaman, on the other hand, is less well-known in bollywood, which might explain why Jaragandi underperformed. Ultimately, actual stardom is better judged by Devara and Game Changer's first-day collections than by YouTube views.

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