Some films fail so catastrophically at the box office that just a few people see their demise in theatre. A part of the public then anxiously awaits the release of these films on OTT platforms to figure out what went so wrong. One such film is Rajinikanth's Lal Salaam.

Lal Salaam, directed by aishwarya Rajinikanth, is one of Rajinikanth's most commercially unsuccessful films, failing to recoup even a tenth of its expenditure. In February, the film was released, with Rajinikanth making a guest cameo as Moideen Bhai. Initially, sources indicated that the film will be accessible on OTT by April. However, this did not occur for unknown reasons.

According to rumours, Netflix walked out of the arrangement when the picture performed poorly at the box office. There were also rumours that the film was incomplete owing to missing footage, which director aishwarya Rajinikanth acknowledged to. In the telugu film business, akhil Akkineni's Agent met a similar fate, failing to gain an OTT release following an awful showing in theatres.

There were some disagreements between the producer and the distributors, which is also stated as the reason why the film did not release on any OTT platforms. Similarly, tiger Shroff's Ganapath, which was released last year, may never be available on OTT because no platform is ready to take it on following its box office failure. Lal Salaam may never make an appearance on OTT or satellite television. Rajinikanth and his admirers would most likely want to forget about this film completely.

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