Is Srilakshmi very special in Jagan's government..!?

-There were allegations that she had given undue benefit to some in the allocation of mines.

-Jagan's government also helped Srilakshmi to come to AP. 

-Srilakshmi initiated revolutionary changes in that department.

Many IAS worked in Jagan's government as CM. But, it must be said that IAS Srilakshmi is very very special among all. Because she worked under YS Rajasekhar reddy Haya. Srilakshmi YS Rajasekhar reddy, a 1988 batch, served as the Secretary of the Mines Department when he was the cm of the joint AP. There were allegations that she had given undue benefit to some in the allocation of mines. Arrested on those charges, she spent a few days in jail on remand. She came out as those cases were not proven and was assigned to telangana after the division of the state. Srilakshmi, who worked in telangana all the years when Chandrababu was cm, showed interest in coming to AP when jagan became CM. The reason for this is her relationship with the YS family. Jagan's government also helped Srilakshmi to come to AP. Thus IAS Srilakshmi came to Jagan's government from Telangana.

Srilakshmi, a senior IAS officer who came to ap from telangana, left her mark on the administration of Jagan's government in her own style. chief minister YS Jaganmohan reddy has performed effectively in the municipal administration department assigned to him. It must be said that Srilakshmi initiated revolutionary changes in that department as the Special Chief Secretary of the Municipal Ministry.

Srilakshmi played a key role in making some of the prestigious projects undertaken by the jagan government in urban areas successful. Especially Srilakshmi is said to be the mastermind behind the construction of Jagananna Colonies. Srilakshmi herself made inspections in some municipalities when there were complaints that employees were not attending to their duties on time. Dr. BR Ambedkar's 125-foot statue construction and inauguration programs were successfully completed by Sri Lakshmi. Smritivanam, which was built in 18.81 acres of Swaraj Maidan for 400 crore rupees. 

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