Dilli Rao has been praised by cm Jagan on many occasions..!!

- Recognition as one of the joint collectors.

- Key role in the construction of the Ambedkar statue.

- Recognition in the construction of Bejwada Benz Circle.

NTR district collectors are different from the collectors who follow chief minister Jagan's orders. He is one of the leading Kalividi collectors. district collector Dilli Rao is different from the collectors who are regularly connected to the CMO. The main reason for this is that after the arrival of cm Jagan, he was given a promotion and NTR was entrusted with important district responsibilities. With this, it should be said that he has a lot of loyalty.

When it was thought to set up a statue of Constitution maker Ambedkar in the heart of vijayawada, collector Delhi Rao worked tirelessly. cm Jagan liked it more. Moreover, he completed its construction on a military basis. He was also successful in doing what cm Jagan said without corruption anywhere. Similarly, he was praised as a collector for completing the construction of vijayawada Benz Circle. Similarly, there is no doubt that he is at odds with the media. Naturally, Collectors.. media friends are given PAs.. or office phone numbers only. But in NTR's district, Dilli Rao is ahead in giving his phone number directly to the media and solving their problems. Even after making sure that there is no criticism anywhere, he has been praised by cm Jagan on many occasions.

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