A recent video of british tv personality Andi Peters mispronouncing priyanka Chopra's name has caused a sensation on social media. Despite the occasional name error, Priyanka's followers believe Andi was intentionally teasing her. Andi Peters was visiting Madame Tussauds in london for Good Morning Britain, photographing personalities immortalized in wax. During the discussion, he stumbled over Priyanka's name, pronouncing her "Chianca Chop Free."
His co-hosts, Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins, quickly corrected him and gently admonished him, adding, "Honestly, Andi. If you're going to stand next to someone, find out what their name is. That's priyanka Chopra, the indian Bollywood actress who has become a huge sensation in America."

Priyanka's admirers were quick to express their anger, blaming Andi for his lack of preparedness and perceived disrespect. On the work front, priyanka is set to star in the upcoming film *Head of State*, directed by Ilya Naishuller and featuring Idris Elba, Jack Quaid, and john Cena in leading roles.
One admirer commented, "If we mispronounced or stated anything negative about his heritage or name. This would be the conclusion of the narrative (sic). A different supporter said, "Nah the amount of preparation people have before going live on tv is insane so I have no idea how he missed this (sic)."

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