Huge success of the ap education system in Jagan's Sarkar..!!

- jagan brought praveen prakash from delhi to AP.

- success of the ap education system with major changes.

- Unwavering praise for jagan Sarkar today.

 In terms of governance, the chief minister relies on senior IASs, so there is no need to mistake this. As far as ap is concerned, only one IAS is above all others. Surprisingly, the chief minister is in the mind. In fact, all will listen to what cm says, but here it is the reverse. Here, whatever IAS said cm jagan will follow. He is a senior IAS officer and the present Principal Secretary of the education Department praveen Prakash. He worked as a collector in many districts in the past. After the formation of ap, he worked as the secretary of ap Bhavan in Delhi. After the arrival of cm jagan, he got busy and brought him from delhi and appointed him in AP.

He was first entrusted with the duties of the municipal department. After that, the education department handed over the duties. Not only did he work, but he also got a good reputation for encouraging work. Even if there is a small defect in his performance, he is not an officer who has a complacent nature. Constantly, inspecting the school, and even small village going by himself. He showed awareness about the education system implemented by the government. It brought a good name to the government.

The reason for coming up with the Byjus praveen Prakash's suggestions. In fact, they were not included in the manifesto.  Also, cm jagan brought them with praveen Prakash's instructions. If you look at the majority of works, praveen prakash is said to be successful.

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