Rajasthan's Upper hand in Chepauk..!!

Opinions have arisen that the rajasthan team has more chances to win the Qualifier 2 match against the hyderabad team. The Rajasthan team will play against the hyderabad team in the Qualifier 2 match of the IPL play-off round. As it is going to be played at the Chepakkam stadium, the expectation of who will win this match has increased. Both the teams are training hard to win this match and advance to the finals. In this match, it is seen that the hands of the rajasthan team are up. Because the Chepakum ground is always favorable for spin. If there is no snow, the environment will be favorable for the batsmen. But since it has been raining for the past few days, the chances of snowfall are seen to be low.

As a result, it is expected that Ashwin, Chahal, and Maharaj will play for the rajasthan team. Similarly, sanju samson, Hedmire, and Ryan Barak are all three who can bat according to the chennai pitch. Also, as Ashwin has immense knowledge and experience of the Chepakkam ground, the rajasthan team will be careful in terms of planning. But on the other hand, hyderabad depended entirely on the bowling of Cummins, Natarajan, and Bhuvneshwar Kumar. There is also a question of whether the spin of Shahbaz ahmed and Vijayakanth will be picked up at the Chepakum ground. Thus defeating Travis Head and abhishek Sharma will ensure the victory of the rajasthan team.

However, if the hyderabad team shows good batting in 6 overs, it is seen that there are chances of winning. Similarly, as sanju samson and Ashwin have ardent fans in chennai, it is assumed that the rajasthan jersey will be seen more.

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