The outcome of the andhra pradesh assembly elections, which will be revealed on june 4, will determine the fate of the telugu desam party (TDP) and its president, N. chandrababu naidu, who has waged a do-or-die campaign. If the tdp wins power, Naidu will undoubtedly serve as chief minister for the next five years. Furthermore, his son nara lokesh will become a significant figure in Naidu's government and party.
In the following years, lokesh is likely to earn acceptability as the party's heir apparent. However, if the tdp fails to win power, Naidu's leadership of the party may come to an end.
Though the tdp will not be eliminated from politics, Naidu's exit would undoubtedly result in a leadership crisis.
If Naidu decides to step down from active politics, his son nara lokesh is expected to take over.
However, it is unclear how many tdp officials would accept his leadership, and the party may face a major crisis. As a result, securing power is critical for the party's stability.
Against this backdrop, senior tdp leader and former MLC buddha venkanna made an intriguing request.

He expressed confidence that Naidu will be re-elected as Andhra Pradesh's chief minister and requested that nara lokesh be appointed tdp president.
"Lokesh should be declared tdp president on the same day that chandrababu naidu is sworn in as Chief Minister. This is not a request, but a demand," buddha venkanna said, explaining that he was making the demand because of his strong friendship with Chandrababu Naidu.
Venkanna stated that lokesh has played a significant role in reviving the tdp during the previous five years, citing the tdp general secretary's 3,132 miles padayatra in 286 days, which energized party leaders and cadres.

"Lokesh has received a lot of support from the party cadre. He possesses the skills and enthusiasm to defend the party and its members. "If he becomes the party president, the tdp will thrive for another 30 years," venkanna said.
The tdp leader further stated that till recently, Naidu has been heading the party alone.
"In the last elections, everyone, even lokesh, Bhuvaneshwari, and Brahmani, strove to bring the party to power. "Now is the time for lokesh to be given key responsibilities," he remarked.



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