The telangana Food Safety Department's task force team continues to check eateries in hyderabad for abnormalities. It inspected Rameshwaram Cafe and Baahubali Kitchen in the madhapur region yesterday.

Issues found in restaurants in Hyderabad
At Rameshwaram Cafe, the crew discovered 100 kg of urad dal stock that had expired on march 24. In addition, 10 kg of Nandini Curd and 8 liters of milk were expired. Furthermore, incorrectly labeled raw rice and white lobia were confiscated. The premises' dustbins were not adequately covered with lids, and medical fitness certifications for food handlers were inaccessible.

Meanwhile, there was a severe cockroach infestation in Baahubali Kitchen. Cockroaches were also detected on food items in the storage. The cooking conditions were determined to be extremely unsanitary, and water stagnation was discovered in the cleaning area.

Inspection at a bakery in Hyderabad
On Wednesday, the task force team performed inspections at Labonel Fine Baking, a prominent bakery in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. During the examination, they discovered that monalisa Dark and White chocolate Crispearls (one package each) had expired. As a result, products totaling Rs 4,170 were eliminated.

Horn White Chocolates, which had expired on march 12, were discovered in a refrigerator at another Baskin Robbins location.
Previously, checks were undertaken at numerous eateries, bakeries, and supermarkets in hyderabad, revealing abnormalities. The task force's course of action against them remains to be known.


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