It took a lady to conduct a sit-in protest to repair one of the city's thousands of potholes. While a quick response was provided and a portion of the road was restored in Nagole, there are numerous more life-threatening potholes and deteriorating roads across the city.
 Driving here is difficult because drivers are constantly compelled to change their speed or swerve to avoid accidents. Potholes, cracks, uneven surfaces, elevated or depressed manholes in the center of the road, worn-out speed breakers, narrow roads, and incomplete civic works all contribute to a grueling commute.

With monsoon season just weeks away, motorists who are always cautious on city roadways will need to be much more so. Unfortunately, during and after severe rains, all of these defects on roadways get waterlogged, increasing the danger of accidents.
"The roads are truly awful in certain regions, and people just drive that way. You must concentrate intensely. Because there is a lot of gravel on some roads, the tyres wear out rapidly," adds Venkatesh, an rtc X road inhabitant.


Furthermore, inadequate civil works have hampered the operation of several roadways across the city. With contractors on strike, road repairs scheduled to be finished this month have apparently come to a halt, with no word on when work will restart.
As the city prepares for the monsoon season, with saturated roads and hours trapped in traffic, one can't help but anticipate a rocky ride ahead.

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