Rashmika Mandanna is without a doubt one of the most gifted performers working today. In addition to her attractive presence on television, the Animal actress is recognised for her appealing gentle, and kind personality. rashmika is also an animal lover who wants to spend her free time with her pets. The actress frequently posts images of her beloved dog Aura on her social media accounts, demonstrating her deep affection for animals.
On a similar theme, the dear comrade actress uploaded some photos on social media today, showing her enjoying quality time with her fluffy pets. Last evening, the pushpa actress turned to her own instagram account to post some cute photos of herself and her feline buddies.
Sharing the pictures, Mandanna wrote, ''Anytime I find a fur ball around me.. it feels like a universal compulsion for me to spend a good amount of time with them.. and I was going through my gallery from since forever and these are some lovely moments I haven’t been able to share with you.. ❤ so here.But on the other hand I think I should make aura and me separate series.. she’ll just make you laugh.. (laughing emoji)''. With those furry balls around her, she looks incredibly adorable. Didn't these pictures just melt your heart?


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