The king who drives the party forward..!?

- Overall advisor to the government.

- Key role in government policy decisions.

- He is leading the party not only as an adviser but also politically.

No matter how much criticism comes from the opposition, he is a firecar.  He responds in a hammer-soft mannerAnswers will be given to all of them. He was Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy who acted as the overall advisor to the government. There are also weapons behind the policy decisions taken by the government. He also discloses the decisions taken by the government. It is customary for the chief minister to talk about any problem the government has. Like Prime minister Modi at the Center and cm Naveen Patnaik in Odisha, ap chief minister Jagan also never comes before the media. At least they come before the media as needed. Whether or not jagan is needed here, he will not come. 

From the composition of the cabinet to the decisions taken, everything is handled. That is why some opposition leaders criticize him as the minister of all departments. Whether it is talking about the opposition, condemning the news coming against the government in the newspapers, or answering the criticisms from the center, everything is going on as if everything is ready. Sajjalewho was a consultant, also responded to the controversies that arose during the recent elections. He is the one who tells who will get how many seats in the results of the dreamIt is reported that Sajjala is also looking after these responsibilities indirectly in the absence of CM. Observers say that he is leading the party not only as an adviser but also politically.

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