Unremitting services to the Medical Field..!!

- Dattatreyudu Nori, a famous cancer medical expert. 

- govinda Hari in Arogya Sri Success.

- shilpa Chekupalli as delhi health Advisor.

It is known that the government is giving immense priority to the medical sector in AP. In particular, cm Jagan said that the medical sector has been strengthened during the election campaign. There is no doubt that many consultants have worked hard to keep this medical field at the top. There are five advisors among them. They gave their advice to various departments in the medical field. One of them was a medical consultant who focused on the full medical field, while the other advised the government on making other departments 104 and 108 more accessible to the people. Also, there is one person who advised to help the government while staying in Delhi. Thus a total of five consultants have provided services to the government. One of them is Nori Dattatreya, a famous cancer medical expert. He acted as a consultant in the field of holistic medicine.

Dr. venkat Changavalli also acted as a key consultant for 108,104 services. After his arrival, he made these services more accessible to the people. Important advice was also given. shilpa Chekupalli, health Advisor (Delhi). Funds are to be received from the center to the state. Even the aspects to be received in the scheme like Ayushman Bharat. She sometimes gives advice to the government.

And, Govinda Hari sometimes gives advice on the important matter of health. Considering the situation sometimes he is trying to improve his health. Through his services20 more types of diseases were included in Arogya Sri. Dr. Srinath reddy is a public health advisor. There is no doubt that his advice was very helpful in improving the performance of government hospitals.

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