Congress came to power in telangana state. Since they assumed power, three out of six guarantees have already been implemented and they are progressing successfully. Three more guarantees are ready to be implemented in the same order. The main reason why these are not implemented is the election Code. It has been a few months since he came to power, meanwhile these three guarantees have been implemented, and when he was thinking of implementing three more guarantees, the election Code came in the way. In this context, the parliament elections also ended. It has already been announced that the local body elections are coming soon. But there seems to be a lot of opposition among people.

It seems that the congress is postponing the elections of the local bodies as there is an idea among the people that they will implement all the promises within 100 days. Because the congress ranks are thinking that if the rest of the schemes are also implemented in these few days as part of the promises given, the people will gain confidence. If all this goes on one side, on the other hand, all the congress leaders are fiercely competing for the post of PCC chief. Next month revanth PC will complete three years. In this case another new PCC should be elected. More than 10 seniors are already competing for this.

  It is important to mention that komati reddy Venkata reddy, Madhuyashki Goud, Jaggareddy, Addanaki Dayakar and some other leaders are competing fiercely. At this moment Sitakka's name unexpectedly came to the fore. There are some reports that revanth is also suggesting to the leadership to give this post to Sitakka. PCC chief means all the affairs related to the party are in their hands. Whoever it is, all party groups should listen to what they say.   That is why cm revanth reddy wants to give this post to Sitakka, who is a trusted pawn of him.   They are afraid that cm revanth Reddy's position will be affected if this post goes to another leader other than Seethakka.

Because already in the cm race, Batti Vikramarka, Uttamkumar reddy, Komatireddy Venkata reddy contested fiercely.   revanth reddy eventually became the cm after protecting them from all of them. It is reported that revanth reddy also proposed to give the post to Sitakka, thinking that if the post of PCC goes into their hands, they will also check my post as CM. I don't know how much is true or false in this but it is going viral on social media. Some congress leaders are saying that all these are just rumours, and that the position of PCC chief is the decision of the leadership. And we have to see who will be selected by the PCC which is very important.

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