Yogendra Yadav, a popular social activist, psephologist, and political leader, predicts that the national democratic alliance will return to power at the Centre, but with shortened statistics. He stated that the bharatiya janata party could not secure an absolute majority on its own, but must rely on its political coalition allies in the NDA.
Yogendra Yadav stated that the nda will win 15 lok sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh, with the tdp winning 11 seats, the Jana Sena party winning one, and the bjp winning three. The remaining ten lok sabha seats would belong to the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress party. Though Yadav did not forecast who will form the government in Andhra Pradesh, if the lok sabha election results are extrapolated to the assembly election results, it appears that the nda may win power in the state.
According to it, the nda would receive 105 assembly members, while the YSRCP would receive 70 seats in the 175-member state legislature. However, there is a likelihood that individuals voted for the nda in lok sabha and the YSRCP in assembly elections. However, in Telangana, the psephologist anticipated that the bjp would only receive four lok sabha seats, while the congress would receive ten to twelve. The BRS might get one or two LS seats.
Yadav's forecasts are similar to those of political strategist prashant kishor, who projected that the bjp will return with a smaller majority for a third consecutive term. He, too, predicted that the YSRCP would surrender defeat to the NDA.

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