Y S jagan Mohan Reddy, head of the ysr congress party and current andhra pradesh chief minister, will continue to lead the state for another 17 years. This was prophesied by famed astrologer venu Swamy, who had previously stated that jagan would win the just-ended assembly elections.
He even shared a video of himself educating jagan about astrology while in the car with him. In a recent interview, venu Swamy reaffirmed that jagan will win the current elections and become chief minister again. "Not only will he remain in power today, but for the next 17 years as well. He's going through Budha Mahardasha. "No force on earth can stop him from ascending the throne," he declared.
Venu Swamy also claimed that telugu desam party President N chandrababu naidu will never be the chief minister again in his lifetime.
"He has made a big blunder by joining hands with the bharatiya janata party and that is proving to be his nemesis," he stated.

The astrologer, however, declined to explain why jagan will only be in power for 17 more years, rather than 20 years, given that elections are held every five years.
"After 17 years, he would encounter major problems. But I can't tell you what the problems are right now," he continued.

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