Pawan Kalyan, the Jana Sena chairman and film star, has long been mocked by his political opponents and the general public. Following the May 13 polling, with pawan kalyan not coming to the pithapuram seat where he ran, news has spread that "Pawan kalyan is missing from the constituency" and that he will resurface on june 4, the day of vote counting.
Local Jana Sena members are allegedly upset that the actor-politician did not host a "thanksgiving" gathering for party officials and workers, as other candidates in the district did.

What is on Pawan Kalyan's mind? Has he ever desired to be Chief Minister? If so, why does he support the TDP? He has suggested that N chandrababu naidu serve as chief minister for ten years.
It has been predicted that the partnership between the tdp and the Jana Sena will last a decade. Many questions emerge from this, but there is only one answer: Pawan has a different goal in mind, which is 2033.
Several months before the elections, Pawan called an important meeting with Jana Sena leaders to discuss his vision. He stated his ideas plainly, according to reputable sources.

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