Former cbi joint director and founder of jai Bharat National party VV Lakshminarayana posted on X, giving credence to political rumors that a section of the political leadership was conspiring to extend hyderabad as the common capital between andhra pradesh and telangana for another ten years, urging the President of india to issue an ordinance to that effect. He also tagged Rashtrapati Bhavan in his post.
"Sec 5: hyderabad to be common capital for States of telangana and andhra pradesh for a period not exceeding 10 yrs; But as ap could not get capital, now the President of india shall consider issuance of an ordinance extending the period by another 10 years," he said on Saturday.

For the past few weeks, BRS opposition leaders have warned of a plot to make hyderabad a union territory or a common capital for both states, as the term for the city to be the common capital under the ap Reorganisation Act expires on june 2, when Telangana's formation will be ten years old.
Lakshminarayana also endorsed BRS candidate Rakesh reddy for the Warangal-Nalgonda-Khammam Graduate MLC constituency, where a by-election will be place on May 27.

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