Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic have recently made news for supposed divorce allegations. Natasa reportedly erased all of her wedding photos with hardik from her instagram account. The mother of one was also not seen applauding for hardik throughout his IPL matches. Following that, divorce whispers circulated rapidly. The pair has yet to remark on the matter. Natasa was recently sighted with Disha Patani's purported lover, alex Aleksandar. read on to learn more!
You don't want to miss this video featuring. Natasa Stankovic, Disha Patani's alleged beau. Natasa Stankovic and Disha Patani's reported lover, alex Aleksandar, were seen together outside a cafe in Bandra. Natasa dressed in a white suit and topped it off with a pink shrug. To complete her ensemble, she donned a watch, white sunglasses, and crocs. In contrast, alex was dressed in a shirt and blue pants. Their video quickly became popular on social media.
For the unversed, one Reddit user once claimed that hardik doesn't like or comment on his wife's posts on social media. There were rumours that 70% of Hardik's assets would go to Natasa due to alimony post their divorce. “One of the reddit user in bollywood gossip sub posted that hardik doesnt like or comment on his wife's post so people starting speculating about their separation. Unless there's any confirmed information from any of Hardik's or his wife's side, this news should be treated as fake news.", one post on Reddit read.

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