In response to the large number of immigrants, the Canadian province of prince Edward Islands (PEI) modified various restrictions. The change in laws has had an impact on overseas students. Hundreds of indian students are risking deportation and are protesting the new immigration laws. Residents of PEI, Canada's smallest province, have revealed why the laws were amended and why they do not want any additional immigration right now.
The immigration policy shift in Canada's prince Edward Islands (PEI) was centred on concerns of housing, healthcare, and jobs. There was a 25% reduction in immigration permits. Locals believe that immigrants in their province are taking away their prospects. The PEI premier unveiled plans to reduce the number of overseas migrants seeking permanent status under the Provincial Nominee Programme. The new approach prioritises healthcare, childcare, and construction above the service industries of food and retail.
Canada has long been hospitable to immigrants, but now there is a reaction among Canadian citizens. The wrath is focused mostly at students on student visas. The student visa has been abused as a faster path to permanent residency and citizenship in Canada. They believe that possibilities are slipping away from them. In a recent episode of Ratio'd with Harrison Faulkner, numerous PEI residents explained why they didn't want the indian students there.
"One thing people don't know is that we're not against these folks. PEI is full. We've reached our limit. "I'm not saying never bring migrants back to canada," one guy told Faulkner, a journalist from Toronto's True North. What is happening in the prince Edward Islands is indicative of the dilemma that other Canadian provinces are experiencing.


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