Cricketer hardik pandya has been said to be splitting up with his wife natasha in recent days. According to sources, the couple is not on good terms and may split up shortly. Not only that, but according to social media rumours, hardik might lose more than 70% of his assets and properties to his wife natasha if the pair divorces. This is nothing but a meaningless blame game. No one knows the couple's true situation, let alone who is at fault. However, social media is buzzing about natasha getting away with 70% of Hardik's assets.

The pair hasn't even discussed their divorce, but everyone is already speculating about natasha becoming wealthy by marrying and divorcing Hardik. There are even memes about how women all around the world have discovered a new business opportunity by marrying wealthy guys and then divorcing them in order to gain a portion of their possessions. Not understanding the details of the case and the complete evolution, and simply insulting the woman based on assumptions, demonstrates the toxicity of current social media groups.
Natasa Stankovic published another mysterious photo amid reports that she and hardik pandya are getting divorced. Natasa and hardik have been the subject of divorce allegations since Natasa dropped her name on social media and reportedly erased a few images with him off the platform.


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