The Commissioner of Food Safety in hyderabad recently raided numerous well-known establishments, including The Rameshwaram Cafe, Baskin Robbins, Karachi Bakery, Taco Bell, KFC, Hard Rock Cafe, and Starbucks Coffee. Here's what they found:

- The Rameshwaram Cafe sold expired Urad Dal, Nandini Curd, and Milk, as well as mislabeled raw rice, white lobia, and unlabeled jaggery. The dustbins were also discovered exposed.

- Some stores kept vegetarian and non-vegetarian goods together in the refrigerator.

- The bahubali Kitchen has cockroach infestations, unsanitary conditions, and water stagnation in the cleaning area.

- Clove Vegetarian Fine Dine had carrots that had been contaminated with yeast.

These findings indicate hyderabad residents' rising worry about food safety. Despite its rich history and culture, the city has received criticism for concerns such as selling old food and failing to meet cleanliness regulations in restaurants.

To address these issues, the Food Safety Department has begun conducting daily inspections and enforcing violations. A task team of food safety specialists has been closing down outlets that violate the guidelines in an effort to restore faith in Hyderabad's culinary scene and protect public health.
Meanwhile, many people are questioning why these surprise raids on hotels and restaurants are taking place. They suspect that a political party may be behind them. However, it is doubtful that a political party will attack small companies such as restaurants. They mainly target bigger fish, such as corporations or real estate owners. While these raids are excellent, some question why they are limited to Hyderabad. Unsafe food is more of a concern in Telangana's smaller districts.

Many people equate hyderabad with delicious cuisine, thus these raids are harming the city's reputation as a culinary destination. Regardless, it's a positive development overall. Other businesses, in a state of fear, are cleaning up their act to provide safer food following similar raids. These tests should be conducted more frequently, not just in hyderabad, but throughout the state, to ensure food safety.


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