After attaining power in telangana, the congress administration chose "Jaya Jayahe telangana," penned by Ande Sri, as the official song. Ahead of the formation day festivities, chief minister revanth reddy delegated responsibility for the song's composition to famous music director MM Keeravani. A few days earlier, keeravani and Ande Sri met with revanth reddy to discuss the song's composition.
Meanwhile, the telangana Cine Musicians Association (TCMA) was opposed to keeravani writing this song. They wrote to revanth reddy, claiming that it would be disgraceful to delegate composing duties to someone from another state while telangana is home to many excellent artists. The letter claimed that the previous BRS administration had overlooked this important song for a decade. However, the TCMA applauded the congress government's plan to make it the state song, but emphasised that entrusting keeravani with its composition would be a "historic blunder."

"The state was founded with the goal of providing opportunities for our state's citizens. Giving keeravani this opportunity would be a historic disaster," the letter stated. Meanwhile, many on social media are harshly criticising the letter. They think that art knows no bounds, and that every telugu artist has been recognised regardless of geography. They claim that it is absurd to bring up this regional passion in art. Others feel that this letter is an attempt by the BRS administration to resurrect regional tensions in the art field and worry the congress government.

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