Is the credibility of some surveys decreasing..!?

- Original survey only if the voter is tamed at the field level.

- Are the surveys funded by the party one-sided?

-The surveys coming at the field level are mostly one-sided. 

Many people analyze the election itself. Many come on the screen in the name of surveys. But which survey is correct? That is, there is bound to be some hesitation. Many pollsters do many analyses before the elections. There are actually two types of surveys. One is to evaluate the latest results. These come true every once in a while. For example, during the telangana elections, a survey that predicted the results came true. And, the second type of survey is to go directly to the people and take some samples and evaluate the results. Whether these are reliable, depends on which area, which constituency, and how many samples were takenA very keen observation should be made in this matter. Moreover.. the cost of field-level surveys will also be good.

For example, there is a situation of taming some people at the field level each time to go to a region and to meet the people there. With this, some costs should be given to the respective categories. Only then will the perfect prediction come. Now, no one is doing the third type of survey. It is a survey of rural areas. It should be said that this is a survey with accuracy. This is where the original kit comes out. But now no one is taking such a risk. On the other hand, when it comes to the matter of reliability, any survey organization, if it visits the field and gives surveys will not just give it. There will be some charges along with the cost. It is in this order that the surveys coming at the field level are mostly one-sided. That means some party will fund it. This is somewhat favorable for the respective parties. The credibility of some surveys is indeed decreasing. Also, the surveys conducted by the national media are to some extent similar.

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