The IPL trophy is for hyderabad team..!! jersey bought Luck..!!

The new jersey of Sunrisers hyderabad has brought good luck to the team. Winning in the game of cricket requires a bit of luck along with the weather, pitch, skill of the players, and captaincy. This would also make it possible for any team to beat any team on that day. In that respect, Pat Cummins is seen to have more luck after Dhoni. Cummins has threatened to win ICC series like the World Test Championship, Ashes, t20 world cup, and World Cup Series in the following years. Now in his first season as the captain of the hyderabad team, he has led the team to the final of the IPL series.

 As a result, there is widespread talk among fans that luck is on the side of Pat Cummins. Apart from that, the jersey of the hyderabad team is also seen to bring luck to the team. When the hyderabad team's jersey was introduced this season, many were teasing the jersey. When hyderabad played in the new jersey, there was an unusually large fan base. After CSK, Mumbai, and RCB, hyderabad is the only team that has played completely with the Orange army at their home ground. Sunrisers won the Eastern Cape trophy by wearing the same jersey in the SA20 league series. Because of this, Kavya Maran introduced the same jersey for Sunrisers Hyderabad. Made it to the finals in his first season wearing this jersey. It is assumed that the hyderabad team will win the trophy for sure.

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