Telangana's Commissioner of Food Safety has issued a notification prohibiting the manufacturing, storage, distribution, transit, and sale of Gutka and Pan masala, which include tobacco and nicotine. According to the department, the order will be in place for one year, beginning Friday, May 24.

“In exercise of the powers conferred under clause (a) of Subsection (2) of Section 30 of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 read with 2.3.4 of Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restriction on Sales) Regulation 2011 and in the interest of public health, Commissioner of Food Safety, telangana State hereby prohibits the manufacture, storage, distribution, transportation and sale of Gutkha / Pan masala which contains tobacco and nicotine as an ingredient which is packed in sachets /pouches/package/containers etc., or by whatever name it is called in the entire State of telangana for one year with effect from 24th May 2024,” the notification read.

Gutka and pan masala containing tobacco and nicotine are hazardous smokeless items that offer significant health concerns.
Gutka and pan masala consumption has been related to oral cancer, submucous fibrosis, and other health issues. Tobacco usage was responsible for 55% of all malignancies in Varanasi, India.
In India, 21.4% (199.4 million) of individuals use smokeless tobacco, whereas 10.7% (99.5 million) use smoking tobacco. The Lancet study found that quit rates are low.

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