Laapata Ladies, from aamir khan Productions, became one of Netflix's most popular films. It surpassed the viewership of a blockbuster like Animal. The picture is now embroiled in controversy. Ananth Mahadevan, a director and performer, claims that Lapataa Ladies is a copy of his 1999 telefilm Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol. 

Mahadevan says that both films share crucial story aspects, notably the mixing up of two wives. He observes that in his film, a groom inadvertently takes the incorrect bride from a railway station, resulting in a mix-up in which the pair finally exchange spouses. Supporters, including novelist Nivedita Shukla, have shown their support for mahadevan on social media. Shukla stated that Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol was available on YouTube but was withdrawn following the premiere of Lapataa Ladies. She criticized the film industry's apparent lack of ethics.
However, Biplab Goswami, the author of Lapataa Ladies, believes that his narrative is completely original. He claims to have written the synopsis a decade ago and won a scriptwriting contest in 2018 with it. Goswami claims that he has not watched Mahadevan's film and was not influenced by any other works. He emphasizes his knowledge of gender studies and insists that he follows ethical writing guidelines. Despite the charges, mahadevan believes the two films vary dramatically following the first mix-up. He admits parallels in individual instances while emphasizing that the main themes are distinct.


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