Where does director Krish's career go? Shooting hari Hara Veera Mallu with pawan kalyan may have been his biggest blunder. Had such a brilliant subject been taken up by another young top hero, it would have been finished by now. Given Krish's ability, the film would have undoubtedly pleased audiences. But in Pawan's hands, the project remains unfinished. krish has ultimately had to leave the project.
While working on hari Hara Veera Mallu, krish took another decision, perhaps purposefully or unintentionally: he produced the film Kondapolam. Even if he believed it was a worthwhile subject, he didn't consider if others would buy it, resulting in financial losses for him. Given Krish's talent and reputation, how fantastic would it be if he could create a terrific film? But why isn't he thinking that way?
Now there's word that he's preparing a film with another huge hero. The market isn't excellent. krish is planning a project with varun Tej and filmmaker Merlapaka Gandhi. However, if krish used this money and effort to produce a terrific picture, the outcome would have been different. As a result, it is preferable to produce a film on a financially viable subject such as Vedam or Kanche. Krish's supporters have made this idea.

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