The india Meteorological Department (IMD) said cyclone Remal, which made landfall between the beaches of West bengal and bangladesh on sunday night, will gradually decrease into a cyclonic storm on Monday. However, cyclone wreaked havoc in West bengal, uprooting trees, demolishing houses, and bringing down power poles in its course.
According to news agency PTI, one person was injured after being hit by debris in the Sundarbans' Gosaba neighbourhood, and another was injured in Kolkata's Bibir Bagan area as a result of a wall collapse. More than 1 lakh people were evacuated from West Bengal's most vulnerable locations. The storm made landfall on sunday at about 8.30 p.m. between the state's Sagar Island and Khepupara in bangladesh, with winds gusting to 135 kmph.


• According to the most recent IMD advisory, cyclone Remal is "likely to move north-northeastwards and gradually weaken into a cyclonic storm during the next three hours".

• Teams from the kolkata Municipal Corporation and the kolkata Police Disaster Management Department continue to clean uprooted trees in the city's Alipore neighbourhood. South kolkata DC Priyabrate Roy told ANI news agency that work is ongoing to clear roads and that the situation will be back to normal by Monday.

• On sunday evening, prime minister Narendra Modi convened a meeting to assess the reaction and readiness for Cyclone Remal. He was informed that the National Crisis Management Committee maintains frequent touch with the bengal state administration.

• As cyclone Remal is expected to travel northeast on monday while gradually weakening into a cyclonic storm, assam has issued a red alert for exceptionally heavy rain in seven districts and a 'orange alert' in eleven districts. The IMD has forecast heavy rain in assam and other northeastern states on monday and Tuesday, with squally winds of 40-50 kmph gusting to 60 kmph in South assam and meghalaya today.

• On monday morning, the indian Coast Guard stated that it was "closely monitoring the landfall of cyclone Remal with disaster response team, ships, and hovercraft standby at short notice to respond to post-impact challenges".

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