When chief minister A. revanth reddy prioritised the resolution of outstanding disputes between the telugu states, ap politicians began putting pressure on the Centre to keep hyderabad as the joint capital. Former IPS officer and founder of the newly formed Bharat National Party, V.V. Lakshminarayana, claimed on sunday that the Centre must intervene and prolong the provision that retains hyderabad as the joint capital of the telugu states till the ap government decides on its capital.
He also encouraged the other parties in ap to persuade President draupadi murmu to follow suit. Kolanukonda Shivaji, the ap congress vice-president, has urged that hyderabad be permitted to serve as the joint capital till 2034. It should be noted that chief minister revanth reddy has directed officials to take over all buildings controlled by the ap government in telangana and prepare a comprehensive report on the pending distribution of assets between the two states, as hyderabad will cease to be the joint capital on june 2.

He had established a clear timetable for his subordinates to address issues such as the apportionment of public assets valued up to Rs 1.4 lakh crore, which are still pending resolution. The officials were instructed to submit specifics on all issues on which the two states had achieved an agreement. 

Telangana authorities have been focusing on the split of several outstanding institutions and companies listed in Schedules 9 and 10 of the ap Reorganisation Act, which were not resolved owing to a lack of agreement between the two governments. The electricity companies' dues remain unknown. Revanth reddy also urged the administrators to prioritise concerns such as personnel transfers that may be settled peacefully. He instructed them to preserve Telangana's interests in all outstanding cases.

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