The srisailam temple town suffered heavy rain on Sunday, causing inconvenience for visiting pilgrims. It poured strongly for a half hour. The weather had been scorching throughout the morning but quickly changed in the afternoon. srisailam, Sunnipenta, and Lingalagattu had continuous heavy rain. The heavy downpour inundated all of the temple town's important crossroads. The rain made it impossible for devotees who came to the srisailam temple to see Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy and Bhramaramba Ammavaru.

They hurried for safety beneath sheds on their way to darshan as the rain came down suddenly. Other devotees were confined to dorms. The torrential rains provided some comfort to locals and devotees who had been suffering from the Sun's heat. As the rain began with thunder and lightning, the electrical officials took precautionary precautions. 

Srisailam's electricity supply was temporarily cut off. Thunderstorms had been raging over the region, but the temple town had been spared for a while. On Sunday, it poured excessively, presenting considerable problems for devotees.

Devanakonda had the most rainfall in kurnool district, totaling 6.2cm from friday to saturday morning. Chippagiri, Gonegandla, and Tuggali mandals received 4.2 cm of rainfall. On friday and saturday, kurnool and surrounding regions saw severe rain and high winds, and several rtc services were disrupted owing to the uprooting of power poles and trees in numerous locations.

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