The indian Premier League (IPL) captivates millions with its exhilarating cricket matches, but what happens in between overs shows a disturbing fact about our society's consuming habits. Ads between overs, which are frequently dominated by gambling applications and other goods, demonstrate the impact of economic interests on our decisions. While gambling applications have warnings, the advertising of masala items creates ethical concerns. Are these adverts indirectly advocating oral tobacco by using the word 'Elaichi', a legal but possibly hazardous substance?

India leads in oral tobacco usage, which correlates with high rates of mouth cancer. Street sellers frequently combine mouth fresheners with oral tobacco, creating addiction. The results are serious, with tobacco-related diseases killing half of users and accounting for a major part of cancer fatalities. education and prevention are critical. While tobacco usage has decreased slightly, particularly among young people, it is still difficult to escape the cycle of nicotine addiction. The worst aspect is that celebrity heroes like Shah Rukh Khan and mahesh babu promote masala goods, which contradicts attempts to reduce tobacco consumption.

The telangana government has prohibited the production, storage, distribution, and sale of gutka and pan masala containing tobacco and nicotine inside the state. The restriction has been enforced for one year, beginning May 24, 2024. The prohibition was established in the interest of public health. According to the Food Safety Commissioner's order, the restriction would be implemented under the 2006 Food Safety and Standards Act.

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