The head of the forensics department at Sassoon Hospital in pune, where the teen accused in the fatal porsche crash was taken for a medical check-up, and another doctor from the hospital have been arrested for allegedly tampering with evidence, a senior police official told india Today on Monday.
The arrests were made after it was determined that the blood samples of the juvenile involved in the accident had been replaced with those of another individual who had not taken alcohol.
According to reports, the youngster was transferred to Sassoon Hospital for a medical exam around 11 a.m. on May 19, the day of the tragedy. The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) analysis revealed no alcohol in the first sample, raising concerns.
A second blood test found alcohol in the minor's system, and dna testing verified the samples came from two separate people, leading police to believe that the physicians at the government hospital tampered with the evidence to protect the accused juvenile.
The pune Crime Branch is presently questioning the two physicians about their suspected involvement in tampering with critical evidence.

The pune porsche crash case has been dogged by controversy since its inception, with suspicions of preferential treatment and criminal links involving the accused's family. The juvenile, who was reportedly driving the porsche while under the influence of alcohol, was first given bail but was then sent to an observation home until june 5, prompting public outrage.
His father, real estate developer vishal Agrawal, and grandpa have also been detained in connection with the case, accused of attempting to bribe and coerce the family's driver into accepting responsibility for the tragedy.

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