The india Meteorological Department (IMD) hyderabad has expected dry weather in telangana until Friday, May 31. However, in hyderabad, the meteorological bureau predicts partly cloudy skies until Friday.

IMD hyderabad issues no warning
Meanwhile, the weather agency has not issued any warnings. The meteorological agency predicts light to heavy rainfall or thunderstorms in scattered areas throughout the state's districts, including Hyderabad.

Temperature in telangana surpasses 46 degrees Celsius
According to the telangana State Development Planning Society (TSDPS), the highest temperature in jagtial and peddapalli exceeded 46 degrees Celsius.

Aside from these regions, temperatures in several others have risen beyond 45 degrees Celsius, triggering a warning.
The districts with temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius include peddapalli, Adilabad, Mancherial, and Jagtial.
In hyderabad, the greatest maximum temperature, 42.6 degrees Celsius, was recorded in Asif Nagar.
Earlier, IMD predicted that the monsoon will strike telangana regions, including hyderabad, after june 6.

Typically, the rainy season in hyderabad runs from mid-June until October, providing relief from the summer heat. During last year's southwest monsoon season, hyderabad received 769.5 mm of rain, more than the usual rainfall of 615.4 mm. While the city received 'extra' rainfall generally, several sections recorded typical rainfall.

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