It is known that kalki 2898 AD would have a mix of science fiction and Hindu Ithihasas. This is a unique combo that is rarely seen on the big screen. According to Hindu mythology, kalki is Vishnu's tenth incarnation, appearing at the conclusion of Kaliyuga to battle the wicked. Aside from kalki, others like as Aswathama, Parusrama, HanuMan, and other Chiranjeevis will join Kalki's battle against evil.

By presenting amitabh bachchan as Ashwatthama, nag ashwin has made it clear that this is the narrative of Kalki's battle against evil. Because the film is set in 2898 AD, the crew has the task of depicting a futuristic world that appears to be shaping up very nicely. nag ashwin and his team will need to put in a lot of technical work and ingenuity to do this. We had a peek of it in the most recent Bujji glimpse video.
The mythical subject and people set in a dystopian future are an intriguing thought. It remains to be seen which of the two aspects will be prominent in Part 1. While the sci-fi aspect will entice the viewers, how the itihaasa is shown will decide the film's success because it contains the key to character development and the plot.

Any film's success is determined on the development of the tale, and the crew must get the mythology part perfect. The kalki 2898 AD team could also consider promoting the film's mythical theme and developing more character introductions, like as amitabh Bachchan's.


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