HD Kumaraswamy is using the issue of the Brand Bengaluru project to resume his political attack, likely aiming to criticize the current administration's performance in improving the city. The Brand Bengaluru project was initiated to enhance the city's infrastructure, economy, and overall appeal, but it seems Kumaraswamy is suggesting that the project hasn't met its intended objectives or has been neglected. This move could be part of his broader political strategy to highlight governance issues and garner support for his party or agenda. 

HD Kumaraswamy is raising concerns about the effectiveness of the Brand Bengaluru project, particularly in addressing issues such as infrastructure resilience to heavy rains. By questioning whether the project is being implemented properly, he is likely drawing attention to perceived shortcomings or failures in the project's execution. The mention of heavy rains and their impact suggests that Kumaraswamy may be highlighting specific instances where the project may have fallen short of its objectives, such as in managing urban flooding or improving drainage systems. This critique could serve to underscore his stance on governance issues and potentially gain support for his party by highlighting areas where he believes the current administration has failed to deliver on its promises for Bengaluru's development.

Kumaraswamy's strategy involves leveraging criticisms of the government's performance on key projects to bolster his own political standing, appeal to voters, and potentially weaken the position of his political opponents. 

It's uncertain how Kumaraswamy's government would have specifically handled the challenges faced by Bengaluru, it's likely they would have pursued strategies aligned with their political priorities and governance approach.

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