Telugu Desam party is confident that it will win this time. kamma social group was instrumental in bringing the party to power in the past. They used to help a lot especially in the matter of funding. However, this time they counted 1:10. It seems that kamma social class always are in favour of the tdp party and this time is no exception.

Overall, it is estimated that there are up to one crore people belonging to the kamma social group. Each of them spoke to at least 10 people and they convinced others to vote for TDP. If you are from a middle-class background, they made you connect by telling them that Babu should come in order to improve the livelihood of their children and they targeted their monthly income and so on,

They also targeted cm Jagan and said their lives and condition was down due to the current govt. Former MLC buddha venkanna remarked on friday that if the nda wins power in the state, tdp national general secretary nara lokesh should take over the party. This sparked widespread suspicion that the tdp was considering handing lokesh the duty of heading the party, while N chandrababu naidu would oversee the state's administration.

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