It is typical practice in andhra pradesh to amplify particular storylines immediately before elections. Most of the time, these narratives are established by a portion of the media that is believed to have colluded with those involved in betting. Betting on election results is a lucrative business in Andhra Pradesh.
Hundreds of crores of rupees are gambled on election campaigns in the state's Krishna, Guntur, and Godavari districts. This time around, there is more conjecture regarding the cabinet roles of key politicians, notably Pawan Kalyan.

Even though it is unknown if the TDP-Jana Sena-BJP combination would take power, the betting mafia is promoting the idea that pawan kalyan will become the state's home Minister. Bets are being put both in favour and against his gaining the position.
According to reports, a major group in the Godavari regions is betting heavily on pawan kalyan to become the home Minister. However, history reveals that the betting mafia frequently pushes one idea for its own gain, while the real conclusion is generally different. pawan kalyan also faced some bad health conditions during the election campaign and now he is being silent and he never even reacted to any of the allegations.

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