Indian cricket sensation virat kohli and telugu cinema's heavyweight jr ntr have teamed together for a good cause. The duo will raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving through NDTV's 'Road and Alcohol Awareness Programme'.
Virat kohli, regarded as one of the greatest cricketers of his time, has always been more than a sporting hero. His devotion to humanitarian problems is well-known, and this project demonstrates his desire to make a difference. Kohli's relationship with jr ntr is more than just a buddy; it is a collaboration founded on a common goal for societal improvement.

Virat kohli told Eenadu: "Junior ntr is my best friend among telugu heroes." He is highly regarded as an actor. Words cannot fully explain NTR's performance in RRR. When I learned they had won an Oscar, I sang 'Naatu, Naatu' to show my joy."
The programme attempts to bring attention on the frightening number of accidents caused by drunk driving, a preventable yet widespread problem in society. By bringing together superstars from diverse sectors, NDTV intends to magnify the message and make a big impact.

Kohli and jr ntr, as brand ambassadors for the 'Road and Alcohol Awareness Programme,' will play an important role in teaching the public about the risks of drunk driving, among other celebrities. Their participation is intended to draw much-needed attention to the issue, promoting appropriate behaviour and maybe saving lives.

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