With prominent restaurants, pubs, and bakeries on the food safety department's radar for unsanitary food storage and handling, as well as the lack of FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) logos, another example has surfaced in which a woman discovered fungus in her pastry.
Preeti Biswas recently visited 5th Avenue Bakers, a prominent bakery in Sainikpuri, and purchased an Eclair dessert, only to find fungus within.
She posted about her incident on X, saying, "No food joint can be trusted in hyderabad anymore." She also tagged the appropriate authority to file a complaint against the cafe."

The bakery has been servicing consumers for almost 30 years. Many people have expressed disbelief at the situation. The hyderabad Food Department has started conducting raids on famous eateries. Synthetic food colours were recently discovered in the kitchen of Chicha's Asli Hyderabadi Khana in Masab Tank and rejected on the spot.
The government said that the TDS levels at paradise Food Court, which is known for its biryani, were 73 ppm after testing the Dhaara brand and packaged water bottles.
A 35-year-old lady filed a complaint against a well-known restaurant in Lakdi-ka-pool, claiming she had vomiting and diarrhoea after being served a defective dessert at dwaraka restaurant.

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