Rumours of a romantic relationship between rashmika mandanna and vijay deverakonda are circulating on social media and in the film industry. Rashmika's hints continue to fuel the rumour mill. rashmika attended the pre-release ceremony for "Gam Gam Ganesha," starring anand Devarakonda, last evening. Rashmika's popularity was evident during the occasion.
During the ceremony, anand confronted rashmika about personal concerns. When asked about her favourite trip location, she immediately mentioned Vietnam, having fond recollections. anand mischievously asked her about her favourite co-star, which elicited laughs and shouts from the audience. rashmika, blushing and smiling, answered, "How can you put me on the spot like this, Anand?" You are my family, right? Okay, Vijay Deverakonda (Rowdy Boy) is my favourite co-star."

Continuing the lighthearted banter, anand mocked rashmika about her photographic abilities by exhibiting images shot by other people, including himself and Vijay. Rashmika jokingly pushed herself as the finest photographer, criticising the lack of recognition despite capturing wonderful moments for everyone. Their flirtatious conversation hinted at their connection, fueling curiosity about their rumoured affair. rashmika also unwittingly divulged that she and Vijay have taken several travels and holidays together. This exchange accidentally disclosed their personal dynamics, which confirmed Rashmika's connection with Vijay Deverakonda.

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