Anyone who has watched South cinema for the past decade or so would be aware that kajal aggarwal has been in a number of blockbusters. Two of her favourite films are magadheera in telugu and Thuppakki in Tamil. The actress's career has stalled in recent years as a result of her marriage to gautam Kitchlu and the subsequent birth of their son Neil. Kajal recently discussed this in an interview with Prema.

During the conversation, Kajal stated that she began filming Shankar's highly anticipated indian 2 only two months after giving birth. She shed insight on her shooting hobbies, saying, "I was horse riding and doing Kalarippayattu, which was excruciatingly painful." shankar Sir was really accommodating and attempted to change the timeline, but I still needed to finish the film."
The actress also discussed the most difficult thing she's had to do in her life, which was shooting in tirupati and having to pump milk for her newborn kid in between takes. "I would pump milk between shots and would send milk back to his room" she said. "It took the driver 8 hours to keep driving all day and every day, but I had to do it because there was no other way," she stated, adding that this was how she handled her commute while giving milk to her baby during the filming schedule for indian 2.
 When asked about the emotional toll pregnancy and parenthood had on her, Kajal revealed that she suffered from separation anxiety and'mom guilt' throughout this difficult time and had sought treatment to deal with her negative feelings. 

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