We have recently heard of several examples of significant harassment perpetrated by lending applications, which ultimately led to the suicides of the persons involved. This has now become a suicide bomber for the student body. In a sad new event, Murikinti Vamsi, a final-year engineering student, committed suicide by drowning in the krishna river after taking out a loan of 10,000 rupees from a lending app without alerting his family.
The lending app reps demanded vamsi to pay 1 lakh in return, which terrified him. In a disturbed state, he chose to commit himself since he could not take the pain of the app reps. His lifeless bones were later discovered in the krishna River. This is not the first or second time something like this has occurred. We have heard multiple reports of loan app harassment ending in the suicides of worried persons.
Certain applications operate by churning out loans quickly at beginning, which attracts students and individuals in need of fast financial assistance. Then the real tale begins, with personnel from these applications phoning and pressuring loanees. A few go too far and post the modified photographs (which they gather from the loanees' social media accounts) with their relatives and friends. This frequently leads to the loanee going to extraordinary lengths to avoid shame.
Students are the easiest subjects for these applications since they lack financial maturity at a young age. Later, when these applications demand excessive rates, individuals will be unable to pay their bills and will be forced to make desperate decisions, likely suicide. Perhaps it is time for the indian government to take strong action to prevent similar events. Otherwise, we will continue to hear about examples of harassment and suicide.


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